Wedding Tip: Practice Picture Perfect Posture

What is the one element that will effect every single photograph you take on your wedding day? Posture. Good posture makes you look thinner, taller and more graceful. It is especially key when you are utilizing photojournalist style photography that catches unguarded moments. Couples and members of the wedding party should practice good posture in preparation for taking gorgeous pictures at every click.

Posture isn’t about posing, but about strength. Posing looks stilted, unnatural and uncomfortable. So instead of going America’s Next Top Model on your wedding day, work to strengthen and stretch the muscles in your shoulders and back. Taking dancing lessons to prepare for your big day? Don’t just focus on footwork, but use the lessons to practice correct carriage. Enroll in a ballet class for even more training. Yoga and Pilates are other disciplines that build the lean upper body strength that you need to stand tall all day. Ask your partner, friend or co-worker to remind you to straighten-up. The more you practice, the more natural the habit will become. The result will be great looking pictures that capture the beauty of your special day.

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