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So many of us have dreamed of a perfect Hawaii beach wedding just like the one in the photo below.  We have gathered up some helpful hints for your Hawaii Beach Wedding.

Tip #1: Location, location, location! Although you may not be able to scout out the location in person until everything is already planned,  make sure you take advantage of some helpful tools in your belt. Google Images. There are few better resources to see a bunch of photos at once and judge for yourself which ones you imagine your Hawaii wedding at.  Once you narrow down your list of beaches, search for those particular beaches in Google images and pay attention to how many people are there and the surroundings such as parking lots, life guard towers, boat launches, piers, etc.  Make sure you check out the beach on Google Maps’ satellite view too. It gives you a great idea about the clarity of the water, proximity to other venues, access points and terrain.

Tip #2: Permits! If you are planning a Hawaii beach ceremony you should definitely do your research on your chosen beach to find out what restrictions apply and what permits are necessary.  This is very important to get all figured out before you make any final decisions.

Tip #3: Day of the Week! Of course, you may not have as much flexibility as you would like on this one, but you should definitely take into consideration the day of the week and time of day during which you plan to be at the beach.  While tourists flock to beaches every day of the week, keep in mind that local people will also hit the Hawaii beaches especially on weekends. Weekdays especially Monday through Thursday would likely be your best bet on the least amount of people on the beaches.

Tip#4: Be Realistic: Each beach is a little different from the next.   You may not be able to find a beach that meets all of your needs or desires, so it is best to prioritize your most important qualities in your dream Hawaii Beach Wedding.  Easy access, ample parking, foliage, bathrooms, view of the sunset, how secluded it is, proximity to your hotel and clarity of the water are all factors that brides have considered when choosing their ideal beach wedding location.  If you are dead set on getting married at a particularly popular Hawaii beach, be prepared to have many on lookers and people passing by and  more likely than not, lots of people in your photos too.  Do your research and think about each location as realistically as you can with the knowledge you gain.

Bride and Groom have a Hawaii Wedding Ceremony on the Beach
Bride and Groom have a Hawaii Wedding Ceremony on the Beach

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