Hawaii Wedding Photographer – L’Amour’s Daily Shot of Love – Good Times

Black and White wedding photo of bride having fun
Black and White wedding photo of bride having fun

We love the pure joy and excitement in this Daily Shot of Love.  This particular wedding reception really kept us on our toes with many fun and unexpected moments.   The festivities of this Hawaii wedding reception at Haiku Gardens got started off with a choreographed dance performance put on by the bridesmaids. I don’t really have a great way of explaining it other than simply entertaining.   The bridesmaids were in a full theatrical dance costume complete with suspenders and fake mustaches.  The performance took a surprising turn when they grabbed the groom to come up on the stage and swing his arm in a full circle holding a bucket of water while the ladies continued their dance. The groom was a great sport and made some really funny faces (photo-journalistic score!) and managed to keep himself and all of the guests in the front tables completely dry!  Unexpected and entertaining moments like these are just one of the many reasons we absolutely love our jobs!


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