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This sweet gift was given to the bride right before the ceremony by her groom.  The tradition of the bride and groom giving each other gifts right before the ceremony is a tradition that we are seeing more and more lately. If you are planning to carry out this particular tradition on your wedding day make sure your makeup is water proof and have a large tissue box on hand because there are sure to be some tears flowing.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, AND something from YOU!

Having a hard time thinking of a thoughtful wedding gift to your soon-to-be bride or groom. Here are some helpful hints to ease your brainstorming process.

Something Sparkly: I know you men have spent a ton on the engagement and wedding rings already, but a special piece of jewelry can be a perfect gift for your new bride.  You can choose a piece of jewelry that she can wear that day, or simply something she would love. Either way, I’m sure she will look back on your special day each time she puts it on. For the ladies, you can buy a nice pair of cuff-links or a watch.

Something from the Family: Now that you and yours will be joining each others’ families officially, you may want to ask around to see if there is a special sentimental family item that can be handed down such as an embroidered handkerchief, any jewelry, etc

Something Crafty: You don’t have to be incredibly skilled in arts and crafts to make something thoughtful and meaningful as a wedding day gift.  Put together a small scrapbook of your favorite dates and trips and leave the last page with a blank spot for a wedding photo.  If you are afraid of scrap booking, and I bet many of you are! Those craft store aisles and aisles of paper, cut outs, stickers, and tools can be overwhelming.  Try something simpler like a nice regular photo album and fill it with your favorite photos together.  Another thought, you can even make an overview album of both your lives from babies, growing up, getting together and leave room for more life moments.  If you don’t have any photos around, think of other sentimental things for you two. You can have the name of “your song” embroidered or engraved on something that she or he can keep close, like a money clip, compact mirror, bracelet, etc.

Something Poetic: You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write something to express your love and adoration to your bride or groom.  Take a moment to brainstorm your favorite memories, first impressions, sentimental trips, and adventures and think of what you want to convey to your soon-to-be husband or wife.  You don’t even have to rhyme!  Just write from the heart.  Now that you have the perfect words to say, think of a special way of presenting them.  Write it on fancy paper, or have it printed and framed, cut out each sentence and store them in a nice box.

No matter what you do, as long as it is thoughtful and special, you can’t go wrong.  I hope this article has given you some ideas to go off of.  Best of luck and happy planning to you!


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