Oahu Engagament Portraits – North Shore – By L’Amour Photography

This couple traveled all the way from Canada to Hawaii for a little getaway and decided what better place is there than Hawaii to have an Engagement Session! We traveled up to the North Shore of Oahu during sunset to do this session. The day was pretty cloudy which made for some beautiful colors! But, don’t take my word for it, check them out below.

North Shore Oahu Engagement Portrait

Sunset Engagement Portraits on Oahu Hawaii taken by L'Amour Photography

Engagement Ring photo photographed during an engagement session by L'Amour Photographers

L'Amour Wedding Photography's Black and White Engagement Portraits taken on Oahu

Sunset Photos during an Engagament Portrait Session on North Shore Oahu by Lamour Photographers

Oahu Engagement Portraits taken North Shore on the Beach by LAmour Photography

Black and White Engagement Photos on Oahu Hawaii by L'Amour Photography

Engagement Photos under a tree on North Shore Oahu

We hope you enjoyed these North Shore Oahu engagement portraits as much as we enjoyed working with this wonderful couple!

Oahu Engagement Photographer – Sunset Beach – Ann and Sam

We absolutely love doing engagement photo sessions and this couple are the perfect example why we do! We met up with Ann and Sam, who are both Army Emergency Room nurses, on the Northshore of Oahu at Sunset Beach to find the beach fairly empty and the waves with a high swell.  This adventurous couple marched up and down the beach, braved the waves, and played on the reef. I got so wrapped up in taking pictures that I lost my sandals about half way through the shoot. We found one of them, but I think we sacrificed the other to the ocean. Ann and Sam were down to try anything for a great picture. We think their hard work paid off! Thank you Ann and Sam for a lovely day at sunset beach!

Sunset Beach Oahu engagement wedding photographs

Oahu Engagement Portraits at Sunset Beach on Northshore by photographers from Leslie Mansperger Photography

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