Hawaii Wedding Photographer – Oahu – Keiko and Clarence

There is a Japanese tradition that a wedding gift of one thousand folded paper cranes will grant the bride and groom a lifetime of good luck and prosperity.  Keiko and Clarence were fortunate enough to have a loving guest fold a thousand paper cranes for their big day.

Oahu Wedding Photographer, purple color theme ceremony in chapel

Destination wedding photos from garden chapel wedding in Oahu Hawaii

I know all too well about this tradition from my sister’s wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister with all my heart and was honored to be her maid of honor, but… I had no idea that I was in for some wicked cardstock paper cuts (which I think are amongst the worst kind of paper cuts for sure). I don’t think I folded a thousand paper cranes, but there were probably about one hundred. I think my sister figured that if I made them out of extremely thick and difficult to fold paper, my effort would end up being equivalent to making a thousand little cranes.  Even though our own big ceremony is coming up in less than a month I think I will let my sister off the hook.  (She is due to have her first baby this week and is my maid of honor. I think that is enough on her plate for one month, so Eric and I will have to go on without the added good luck).  But, I digress…

Congratulations to Keiko and Clarence !!!!

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