Wedding day fitness

Your special day is fast approaching, and you’re worried about looking your best in that perfect dress. There’s no need to panic – making a few tweaks in your diet and adding some physical activity will go a long way. All it takes is a little motivation and discipline!

If you have some room in your wedding budget, you could factor in some sessions with a personal trainer. Research independent trainers in your area for the best prices. If you belong to a gym, there should be several trainers to choose from to fit your needs. Some places even offer group discounts, so drag along the MOH or some of the bridesmaids who are probably also watching their waistlines before the big day! Adding group exercise classes to your schedule can help motivate you, and they are much more fun than spending an hour on the treadmill or StairMaster! One of my personal favorites, Spinning, burns hundreds of calories and reduces fat in just one hour a class. The lively music and energetic teachers pump you up, and you will feel great afterward. Pick up a class schedule and give them a try!

If you don’t belong to a gym, no need to worry! Walking or running outside for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, should be your goal. Fitness DVDs can be rented out at the video store, or you could buy them at fairly reasonable prices at Target. Yoga and Pilates can do wonders for your figure. Try adding Yoga or Pilates DVDs to your fitness plan to elongate and strengthen muscles and appear leaner. They can also help with relieving stress! An hour session will enhance your breathing and calm your mood. There are several other DVD options to help tone your “problem areas” or to improve overall fitness.

Whatever you decide to do to get your heart pumping, start now! Exercising releases endorphins, so you will feel and look great.

Smart eating is essential to your wedding day prep. Trade in white flour for whole wheat or whole grain choices. Drink as little, if any, alcohol as possible leading up to the wedding. If you do attend a few happy hours, opt for lower-cal choices such as white wine spritzers or a glass of red wine. Cutting out soda can make also make a big difference in a short amount of time. Water is your best bet – increase water intake and stay hydrated. Lots of water will be especially important because now you will be more active. Eating at home saves you money and calories, so try to limit dining out. When you do go out to eat, skip the bread basket and dessert. Eat every couple of hours to keep you from bingeing later. Choose smart snacks, such as 100-Calorie packs, low-calorie popcorn, low-fat string cheese, vegetables with hummus, or single servings of nuts. Cutting out some of your favorite things and replacing them with healthier alternatives will reap great benefits when it comes time for your last dress fitting!

Working out and eating healthily will have you looking and feeling your best on the day you’ve been waiting for. Your commitment and hard work will all pay off when you are enjoying that beautiful wedding cake that you so deserve with your new husband!

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