Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Wedding shoes at the Oahu Moana Surfrider

Shoes provide an opportunity to personalize your wedding ensemble and highlight the aesthetics that make your celebration so special. Colorful shoes provide whimsy and surprise beneath your wedding dress. You can use your shoes to highlight the palate of your celebration.  Study the shades of your flowers, attire and even your venue for color cues.  Use pattern, floral, stripes, or animal print to reinforce your theme. Blue shoes, like Carrie Bradshaw’s bright Manolos in the Sex in the City movie, give you your ‘something blue’.

Destination Wedding Shoes

While you’re thinking outside of the shoe box, don’t feel that you need to stay with traditional pumps.  For a beach wedding, flip-flops and sandals are both practical and fun.  Flats and slippers are comfortable choices for a day that will require you to be on your feet for hours. Your wedding party can join in the fun and sport footwear choices from high-tops to flip flops to bare feet.

Wedding shoes from destination weddings


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