Eco-friendly Wedding Tip – Organic Flowers

You’re sharing your love with your friends and family on your wedding day, and you can also share your passion for the environment. Now more than ever, weddings are going green. One way to make your wedding more eco-friendly is to use more environmentally safe or organic flowers. Most flowers sold are grown using pesticides, which harm the environment. Long-distance transportation costs are also wasteful. There are several alternatives that won’t require sacrificing style for the sake of the environment.

Choosing a florist who offers locally-grown, organic, in-season flowers or buying flowers from the local farmers market will be much better for the environment. If there are no such options, Organic Bouquet (http://www.organicbouquet) offers fair trade and certified organic flowers. There are also other organic flower websites to choose from, but pick one that is located closest to you to minimize shipping. Silk floral arrangements can be just as beautiful, and they last forever. They can double as a keepsake for your bridal party after the wedding. Whatever you decide, at the end of the night, announce to your guests that they are welcome to bring the ceremony flowers or centerpieces home as a token of your special day!

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