Hawaii Wedding Photographer – L’Amour’s Daily Shot of Love – Vintage Love

We are so happy that vintage style has come back to weddings in Hawaii. We love vintage wedding details like birdcage veils, broaches, covered buttons, embroidered handkerchiefs, and lace. It is so interesting to see how brides have been able to incorporate old family items into their own wedding. Not only are vintage items beautifully made and, more often than not, handcrafted, these items also give you a sense of history and timelessness when you see them.  No wonder vintage wedding details are becoming more and more popular in Hawaii weddings.

Hawaii Wedding Photographers L'Amour Vintage Wedding fashion

While this particular wedding was not really vintage-inspired, it was fun to put a little vintage twist on the edit. This vintage style Hawaii wedding photo was taken at a private garden wedding at Haiku Gardens on Oahu.


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  1. Nice work on a modern photo to make it vintage. Any tips on how you achieved this look?

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