It’s raining, it’s pouring – rainy day wedding thoughts

This morning, the wife and I were woken by the sound of a decent downpour – even for Kaneohe. It was loud enough to wake both of us, and that is truly saying something. It really wasn’t a total surprise since Oahu has been on both wind and flood advisories this week. The thought that comes to mind for me is of all the brides on the island who flew in earlier this week and planned on a sunshiny Saturday wedding. There must have been some nibbled on finger nails this week.

I may be a guy, but I get why a bride would not want to throw on the rain gear over her gorgeous new wedding gown, not even to mention getting her hair, makeup, or shoes drenched… There is good news here – there are options, and like most of life’s challenges it’s our quest to find the proverbial silver lining.

Option 1 – Can’t take the rain off of the venue, take the venue out of the rain

Fortunately, many of the larger venues have indoor alternatives to the lovely outdoor garden terrace or beachfront settings. It is the easiest option to keep everyone dry. If you hire a wedding planner or have a site coordinator, make sure to talk to them in advance about this possibility.

Option 2 – Go Camping

Ok. Not really camping so much, but there are countless beach weddings where moving the wedding is just unrealistic. Tents could be the perfect answer for your wedding. A fast google search gives endless options to tent providers. Tents look great in pictures, and wet tents look even better. Just make sure that the tent is able to stay up in through that previously mentioned wind advisory.

Option 3 – love the rain

I know, I know… It goes against my first sentence in the second paragraph, but haven’t you ever heard the song, “Singing in the rain?” Rain is reputed to be very good luck for a wedding and is supposed to mean a long and happy marriage. If it’s an adventure you’re after in life, a rainy wedding is a great start. Have fun with it if you can and think of the amazing pictures that can come out of a wedding in the rain. Try getting some umbrellas that match the color theme and dance a little. Maybe just save the long vows for the reception dinner…

Cloudy sunset beach wedding portraits at Iroquois Point, Oahu.


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  1. My wonderful husband to be and I we intend to get marry on a rainy day with a lot of umbrellas only for our guests because we sure won’t need any…We want to seal our vows with a kiss in the rain and many many more…I love you Mark!

  2. That is so sweet!

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