Get your groom a gift that gives back to you… Cologne !

Buy your soon-to-be husband his favorite cologne (or your favorite) and surprise him with it the night before the wedding. A little cologne can save your groom from those smelly situations that come from 8 hours in a suit or tuxedo (not to mention Oahu heat and humidity, dancing, and nerves!).  If your fiance does not normally wear cologne, we suggest this man’s guide to cologne from Wiki How or this one from

Eric and I love going by Sephora and sniffing through the cologne and perfume section. We are always on the prowl for our new favorite scents.

Eric and I both love clean scents with citrusy undertones. These scents are perfect for a wedding on Oahu. My current favorite woman’s perfume is Lacoste Inspiration and Eric’s favorite cologne is L’eau Park Kenzo Pour Homme.

Perfumes that make you crave ice cream? Colognes that make your knees weak? We’d love to hear what your favorite scents are!!!

Groom spraying cologne before the wedding at the Ohana East Hotel in Waikiki, Oahu

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