Hawaii Portrait Photographer – Kaylee and Family

Eric and I were really excited to work with Kaylee when she contacted us about doing portraits of her and her boyfriend, her 4 siblings, and their significant others! We were so excited to work with so many different groups all at once.  We met up with all 10 of them met up with us at Kakaako park in Honolulu and were all dressed amazingly coordinated in white and blue and lots of Lacoste.  I dug it! (Is that OK for me to say nowadays, or is that too 70’s-ish of a word?)

Oahu Family Portrait photographer

We always try to suggest a few poses or ideas to get everyone’s creative juices flowing in order to get the most “true” photos we can.  Kaylee and her family were really fun to work with and really took off with ideas for pictures. We especially liked their “Shoalin Monk inspired poses.” They are too funny.  We have this theory that if people act like themselves, as much as they can, in front of the camera, the photos will be most natural looking (unlike those horribly stiff posed prom photos we have all seem. I have quite a few of my own.  Someday I will share them with you as an example of the kind of look we are NOT going for!)

Family and engagement portrait photographer in Oahu Hawaii

Thanks to Kaylee and everyone for a great time!


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