Hawaii Wedding Photographer – Lisa & David’s Halekulani Wedding

Weddings are a lot like snowflakes -they are beautiful and not a single wedding is exactly alike. The only part that is consistently the same is the moment just before knocking on the bridal suite door. It is always a great moment – you know you are about to open a door onto a room buzzing with excitement.

Halekulani wedding oahu

Lisa’s suite at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki was definitely a buzz when we arrived – Lisa was getting her hair and makeup done by Christine from Flaunt Make-Overs. Her bridesmaids were busy getting their finishing touches done, and her maid of honor was busy finishing up her speech on her laptop.

hawaii wedding shoes

We have to give a special round of applause for Lisa’s Maid of honor – we have rarely seen a Maid of Honor so attentive to every possible need and want of a Bride.

Bridal Preparation at a Hawaii Destination Wedding

We were very excited to see Keone & Kelii from Kai Media there and capturing every detail. Apparently Lisa had seen the amazing video that Kai Media had done for us and made the great decision to add Kai Media’s talent to the day.

hawaii destination wedding

One other thing that normally holds true on a wedding day is that the grooms suite is normally proportionally calm to the brides busy room. When we arrived at David’s room, all the gents were Suited up and ready to go.

hawaii wedding photographer groom prep

David had given all his groomsmen flasks as a thank you present. To add a, well, brutal twist to a traditional present, David also gave each of his groomsmen a bottle of 190 proof Everclear. All I could say was, “Ouch.” I asked if they were going to have a shot before the wedding, they all looked at the flasks with a respectable fear and shook their heads in a resounding no – smart men.

Hawaii Oahu groomsman present

Lisa & David decided to do a very sweet first meeting in a flower draped walkway at the Halekulani prior to the ceremony. They both looked so excited to see each other dressed for the big day.

hawaii wedding photographer

After the first meeting, we shot some of the bridal party and a few portraits of Lisa and David.

oahu wedding photographer

oahu wedding photography

The wedding ceremony took place on the Halekulani’s Hau Terrace. The floral boxes were a great addition to their wedding aisle.

halekulani wedding hawaii

halekulani wedding photographer

We have to say that the Halekulani is not only a great wedding venue, but the staff working the reception were some of the most polite and professional staff we have ever seen. Incredibly kind and attentive, the catering manager himself made sure that our team of photographers all had drinks and were well taken care of. This may seem like a little thing, but, to people who have been running in the beautiful Hawaiian sun while wearing all black, a glass of water is worth more than its weight in gold.

One of the final things that is true of every wedding day is that they always fly by. An incredibly wise decision that Lisa & David made was to schedule a next day wedding portrait session. See more of Lisa & David’s beach wedding pictures here.

Lisa & David’s Hawaii wedding was a perfectly beautiful day. Congratulations on the start of your new lives together!!


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