Underwater Trash the Dress Photos – L’Amour Photography

Trash the dress photos are definitely a favorite of ours.  These post wedding photo sessions are more relaxing and with limitless possibilities compared to wedding portraits during the hustle and bustle of the big day.  We also love trash the dress sessions because we get to travel to fun locations, like this beautiful spot out on the sandbar on Oahu.  We get a chance to really hang out with our couples and have a good time getting creative and letting them be themselves on camera.  This couple was the perfect fit for a trash the dress session at the sandbar. They love water and were great at being playful in front of the camera.  They even brought out their own stand up surfboards for the trash the dress photos.  The boards came in handy too as we trekked all of our gear out to this tiny strip of sand out in the ocean!

hawaii trash the dress photos on the beach
We love this trash the dress photo with the couple standing on the sandbar in the ocean off of Oahu
Trash the dress photos underwater in Hawaii
Bride and groom ride stand up surfboards during their trash the dress session in Hawaii
Trash the Dress Photos underwater in Oahu
Underwater trash the dress photo in Oahu
Trash the Dress photos taken underwater in Hawaii by L'Amour Photography
Bride and groom kiss during their underwater trash the dress photo session
Trash the dress photos at the beach in Hawaii
Hawaii Wedding Photography by L'Amour Photography
Underwater Trash the Dress Photos by L'Amour Photography in Hawaii
Underwater photos in Hawaii during a trash the dress session
Trash the Dress Photos by Hawaii Wedding Photographers at L'Amour
Trash the dress session in Hawaii by L'Amour Photography
Trash the Dress Photos taken by Oahu Wedding Photographers L'Amour
Trash the Dress Photos by L'Amour Hawaii Wedding Photography
Trash the Dress Photos taken by Hawaii Wedding Photographer L'Amour Photography
Couple kisses on the sandbar in Hawaii during their trash the dress photos
Trash the Dress Photos taken Underwater in Hawaii by L'Amour Photography
Underwater photos of bride during a trash the dress session in Hawaii


Hawaii Wedding Photographer – L’Amour’s Daily Shot of Love – Never coming Down

This Hawaii destination wedding bride and groom from California had the great idea to have their wedding ceremony and reception at a private estate in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu, over looking Kaneohe Bay. Private estates can be great wedding venues for smaller Hawaii weddings. In some cases, the houses may be rented out to the couple and their guests in the days surrounding the wedding. That can really make a difference to your guests’ and your families’ experience while in Hawaii for your wedding.  No need to deal with hotels, parking issues, or scheduling to meet up with people. To top that, you don’t have to worry about your guests showing up late to your wedding since they will already be there!

This particular private estate had a gorgeous view of Kaneohe Bay as well as a manicured garden with a heart-shaped bush, an inviting pool (so inviting, that the best man jumped right in after doing his speech during the reception!).

Hawaii destination wedding Bride and Groom sit posed on a staircase
Beautiful bride and groom pose on a staircase during their Hawaii wedding

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Oahu Wedding Photographer – Haiku Gardens – Celeste and Joseph

Celeste and Joseph were married at an intimate ceremony on the most appropriate day of the year, Valentine’s Day! We had a great time with this lovely couple who actually also met each other in our hometown of San Jose, California! As much as we love it here in Hawaii, it is always nice to reminisce about our favorite spots in the Bay Area.

Celeste and Joseph were joined by their two beautiful daughters as well as close family and friends for a beautiful reception at Haiku Gardens & Haleiwa Joe’s.

Our thanks to Celeste and Joseph for involving us in their Valentine’s Day wedding!

Haiku Garden Wedding ceremony and Haleiwa Joe's reception on Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii Wedding Photography at Haleiwa Joe's and Haiku Gardens


Oahu Wedding Reception at Haiku Garden

Congratulations to Sue and Manny!!! This happy couple had a short Hawaiian beach wedding and then headed over to our neck of the woods, Kaneohe, to Haiku Gardens for an intimate wedding reception.

Eric and I are always happy to head over to Haiku Garden and Haleiwa Joe’s for weddings, dinner, or just some pupus and cocktails at happy hour! This wedding party was super nice and the happy bride and groom were so in love and enthralled with each other that we hardly had to suggest any poses, they just naturally looked great interacting with each other. That always is a blessing as I prefer more photojournalistic shots of couples just being in love and being themselves! Not only were Sue and Manny super cute, I loved their style. Sues shoes were reminiscent of my own wedding shoes for our civil ceremony last year.  You gotta love a girl who wears black and white wedding shoes!

Oahu wedding Photography of Kaiku Gardens Wedding in Kaneohe Hawaii