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This beautiful old church is located in the historic area of Honolulu and dates back to 1842.  These groomsmen and the groom strike a pose in front of the Kawaiahao church right before the bride and bridesmaids arrive for the wedding ceremony. If you are looking for a catholic church with historical significance and beauty, you may want to check out our blog article on this wedding ceremony venue. Happy planning to you!

Hawaii wedding Photographers on Oahu at Kawaiaho Church in Honolulu

Hawaii Wedding Photography by L’Amour’s team of accomplished photographers based on Oahu and available on all Hawaiian Islands as well as worldwide.

Kawaiahao Church in Honolulu is a great Hawaii Wedding Venue.


Oahu Wedding Venue – Kawaiaha’o Church

Often referred to as the “State Church of Hawaii,” the Kawaiaha’o Church has a rich history of over 185 years of serving the community.  Couples who get married at this wedding venue experience a bit of history as they walk down the aisle that Hawaiian royalty once walked.  For this reason, Kawaiaha’o Church has become a popular place to say “I do” on their big day!

Historical Honolulu Kawaiahao Church Cathedral Oahu Photographs

From the moment you and your guest arrive on the grounds, you will be awe-struck.  The Kawaiaha’o Church features grand black iron gates with crowns on the stakes, beautiful green lawns, fountains, and amazing historical architecture.  With architecture dating back to 1842 the church does have a few rules for the wedding ceremony and guest, but it is definitely worth while!

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Kawaiaha’o Church
Location: 957 Punchbowl St, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-532-3300
Website: http://www.kawaiahao.org/index.php/ministries/wedding-center