Well-Groomed: 5 Style Tips for a Great Looking Groom

A man will never wear an outfit more important than the one he chooses for his wedding day. It has to look good -it will photographed hundreds of times, it has to be comfortable enough to be worn all day, and it has to reflect his true style. These five tips will help grooms look great on their big day.

1. Tropical climates such as Hawaii’s inspires a lighter fabrics and color schemes. Cottons and linens are breezy choices. Khakis, light grays and white suits are elegant choices over a linen shirt. Lose the jacket and tie for a more casual choice. Roll up pant legs and sleeves or unbutton the collar to customize. No matter how casual, keep all the components high quality- well tailored trousers, crisp custom made shirts, and French cuffs.

2. Bright colors enliven the typical suit and tie and tie together your palate. For a splash of color, go for vibrant ties and vests. An added bonus is that these components will contrast nicely with your other pieces and really pop in photographs.

3. The well dressed groom has to have style from head-to-toe. Keep this in mind while selecting shoes. Think form and function. Shoes can dress an outfit up or play it down. For an indoor church or chapel wedding, light toned loafers or wingtips are elegant choices when paired with light suit. Switch those for Sperry’s for a nautical feel. Flipflops are a natural choice for a beach themed affair, but think leather, not plastic, for this special occasion.

4. A new wedding ring shouldn’t be a groom’s only accessories. Cuff links, pocket squares, sunglasses, watches, and suspenders are all fantastic ways to customize a staid outfit and add a personal touch. Think aesthetically (does it look good?) and personally (what does this say about me?). Subtle details such as cuff links can be a great way to honor your heritage or celebrate a favorite affiliation.

5. Just like a bride plans her entire ensemble in advance, grooms should pull every element of their wedding day look together before they board the plane for their destination wedding, much less walk down the aisle. Do a full dress rehearsal to make sure you have everything you need – from sunscreen to socks. This simple exercise will spare you any surprises on your big day.

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