Congratulations to Saving Jaws for award

We are proud to say that L’amour Photography and Video owner and lead videographer, Eric Mansperger, worked on the color correction of this now award-winning documentary .

Earlier this year you probably saw images of shark activist , Ocean Ramsey, swimming along side the largest-ever recorded shark in the world. Well, that was not just a lucky coincidence. The 2019 documentary, Saving Jaws, follows Ocean Ramsey and her partner Juan Oliphant as they travel the world observing and promoting conservation of sharks.

Eric Mansperger Color Corrector Saving Jaws Film Best Cinematography Winner

The original Jaws movie (1975) struck a nerve with so many who share one of the most common fears know to human kind, Selachophobia, fear of sharks. Over 40 years later, Saving Jaws aims to educated viewers on the importance of sharks as an integral part of the ocean ecosystem. Sharks are often misunderstood and Saving Jaws aims to clear those misconceptions in order to promote conservation of sharks.

You can watch Saving Jaws now on Amazon .

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